Looking for our old designs? See more here

Looking for our old designs? See more here

If you’re a returning customer from before the rebrand you might be wondering - where are your old designs?

We built our previous brand around a particular design format that we’re incredibly proud of, and many of you will already have a selection of prints from us and may want to buy more that are consistent with our original style.

To cut a long story short - another seller started copying our design format. After about a year of us trying to resolve the issue amicably to no avail, we were forced to take our original designs down while we find other avenues to resolve the issue.

For the time being while the issue is ongoing, prints featuring our old design format are not listed on the new Soft Reset store.

However, if you’d like to complete a collection you’ve already started or prefer the original designs to our new duotone range, please reach out and we’ll do everything we can to help you!

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